Director Profile

Edwin Ng was once a Malaysian riding sensation, claiming the national title for 1994,1995 with several national records at the tender age of 16. While most 16 year old Malaysian students were in school, Edwin was busy setting the national circuit alight. Following a string of impressive victories where he bagged both Junior and Senior titles at numerous cycling meets, Edwin was awarded an International Olympic council (IOC) scholarship to train and learn at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) along with Australian’s medal hopefuls in international meets. Training under renowned coaches Charlie Walsh, Gary West and Ian McKenzie, Edwin has represented Malaysia at numerous international events including at the World Cycling Championships.

Edwin today spends his time equipping cyclists from all walks of life with the fundamentals of riding. His passion for the sport has not wavered over time even though he has moved on from competitive cycling. Instead, his mantra that cycling and all forms of exercise should be pursued for the love of sports has resonated well amongst a growing community of cyclists and triathletes, some of whom have gone on to complete gruelling Ironman distance triathlons around the world.

Edwin’s passion for sports in general and cycling in particular shows forth in his chain of retail outlets, all set up over a period of three years. Catering to all levels of cyclists, from amateurs, to professionals and triathletes, his outlets are not about pushing a particular brand of equipment but in ensuring that bikes sold are best fit equipment for those purchasing. Bikes are tailored according to specific technical requirements, personal preference, budgets and a myriad of considerations, variables that Edwin is familiar with and gleaned throughout his 25 years of exposure to and experience with bikes.

As his clientele grows, Edwin retains a strong belief that a strong love for the sport remains the best driver for someone seeking to ride a bike and ride it well. This continues to be showcased when one walks into any of his outlets, whether as a serious cyclist, or as a casual one.